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New Homeowner, Holly's Story

Our 2023 homeowner, Holly Stultz, began her home ownership journey six years ago when she became affiliated with Parent Life which is a part of Youth for Christ.

a foundation laid on fresh dirt

In her early life, she experienced the hardship that so many people do who grow up in poverty moving from one rental to another just trying to have a place to stay. Without the stability of a safe home and lacking direction from concerned adults, Holly found herself rebellious and drifting through her early teenage life. Her life began to turn more positive as she came under the mentorship of Parent Life. Caring adults and other participants began to show Holly that there was another way to live that could give she and her two young children a better future. Parent Life introduced Holly to Fuller Center early in 2023 and she was led through qualifying for home ownership with from the Fuller board of directors and Hawthorne Community Center.

new house being worked on while red ladder leans against it leading to roof.

She took her responsibility seriously and overcame many challenges in route to being approved for a new home. Working through credit and income issues she was finally approved. Holly is growing in employment with Wayne Township Schools and is taking on additional part-time hours to supplement. She is a volunteer with Parent Life and is mentoring young people who come from a similar life experience as hers. She took an active part in building her new home starting with the Wall Panel build at Chapel Rock Christian Church in August and was on the build site every day for the three weeks from September 25 through Octobe 13 while her home was under construction.

New homeowner speaking with Fuller Center's Vice president

She became involved with Diversion Inc, a non-profit organization that helps repurpose furnishings to hard working families in need of the necessities to make a house a home. Holly submitted her “wish list” that grew as she became more educated with what was really needed to operate her home. Holly’s family moved in her new home on October 14 with a throng of volunteers from Diversion that brought home furnishings, put everything in place according to the plan Holly worked on and by the end of the day her home was in full operation.

She will rent the home from Fuller for twelve months to establish a payment history and the consistency of managing her personal finances. Fuller will walk alongside Holly to continue to help her maintain her home and become a responsible role model for the neighborhood.

Want to support what Fuller Center for Central Indiana is doing get involved by calling or donating today!

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